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Paige Greenway

Paige Greenway

Paige Greenway

My first friend in life was our family cat, Moose. He used to sleep in my crib as a baby and I believe this is where I began to feel a connection with animals. As a young teen, I carried out a presentation to my parents to justify adopting an abandoned kitten. Two years later, we adopted another kitten from the LCHS.

My childhood home was always full of cats – family pets and neighbourhood strays my mom would care for and feed. It wasn’t until I moved out for university that I realized how empty a home is without a pet to fill the silences and provide comfort on hard days.

During university, I adopted my first cat on my own: Randy. He is still the golden child of our home nine years later and is an unusually friendly cat, who is often recognized by our neighbours. I love being “Randy’s Mom”.

When my partner and I moved in together, we blended our fur families. He brought a gentle and loving long-haired German Shepherd, Zeus, and I brought Randy. The introduction was interesting but now they behave like true siblings – a loving rivalry.

In September 2020, we brought home my first puppy. A black German Shepherd named Zena. She’s a rambunctious and sassy girl who certainly runs the house and our hearts.

Sharing our life and love with our pets is second nature and brings such joy and purpose to our days.  

I feel beyond lucky to work with people and pets on a daily basis and create a positive, caring environment I appreciate for my own fur family.

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