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Passive Range Of Motion Exercises

Passive Range Of Motion Exercises

Passive Range of Motion Exercises (PROM)

After surgery, your pet may still not wish to use the affected limb much. This can lead to decreased flexibility and weak muscles. These exercises can help maintain flexibility, decrease pain, and improve joint fluid production, blood flow, and recovery rate. It will not prevent muscle wasting (atrophy) or loss of strength; only active muscle contraction can do this. Not only will the joint involved in the surgery be affected, all joints on the limb can experience some changes with disuse.

What to do:

• Lay your pet down on their side with the affected limb up
• Slowly and gently flex and extend the joint 10 times
• Do this for all joints on the limb – hip, stifle (knee), hock (ankle), and even toes, or shoulder, elbow, and carpus (wrist), depending on what limb(s) is/are affected
• Move only within your pet’s comfort range. Your pet should not be sore after these exercises

Repeat 3 to 4 times per day, based on your pets tolerance level

• Try to only work one joint at a time, allowing the others to maintain a neutral position