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Niagara Canine Conditioning Center

Niagara Canine Conditioning Center

Niagara Canine Conditioning Center

Rehabilitation plays a key role in the recovery of pets after joint and bone surgery.

In most situations the best outcome for pets after joint surgery is achieved when they receive the benefits that a certified professional canine rehab specialist can provide. We are fortunate that in the Niagara Region we have the Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre (NCCC). The NCCC is operated by two certified rehab specialists, Barbara Lee PT, Dip.Canine Rehab and Dr. Keri Evers,DVM, CCRP. Barbara Lee was initially trained, and worked as a human physiotherapist for approximately 30 years prior to completing her Diploma in Canine Rehab, while Dr. Keri Evers is a licensed veterinarian who obtained her certification in rehab through the University of Tennessee. 

Barbara and Keri have been working together since 2016 when they opened NCCC bringing together their expertise in rehabilitation from both side of the field.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have two such committed, knowledgeable and competent rehab practitioners available in our region.

NCCC have provided this information video about their services for post-surgical patients, which you can view at

They will customize a full rehab program for your dog (or cat).  They have various package options available, as they are very conscious about clients’ financial situations.  All their clients receive a full customized home exercise program.

If professional rehab is not feasible, whether it be due to finances, scheduling or a pets’ temperament the next best option is in home rehab with the aid of online guidance.

NCCC have provided these short videos on how to properly and safely do passive range of motion (PROM) and massage.  There is a video on PROM for the hip, stifle, elbow and shoulder.  Just click on the one that pertains to your dog (or cat).

If you have any questions in regards to rehab, the staff at NCCC will be happy to talk to you.  You can reach them by phone at 289-362-5900 or e-mail  You can also check their website for further information 

If professional rehab and on line support are not possible, we provide owners with a post – surgical guide that is quite thorough as well. This guide contains some of the distilled information that I have compiled from numerous sources over the past three decades of performing orthopedic surgeries.

Please remember that regardless of what form of post – surgical rehab you decide on we are happy to address any questions or concerns that may develop during your pets’ recovery.

Please keep in mind that if an exercise is resulting in pain or anxiety to your pet, it should be stopped. The exercise may have to be discontinued permanently or the pet given a “rest” for a few days and then reinstituted in a gentler fashion. If there is a risk of being bitten the exercises that are resulting in anxiety or discomfort should be avoided. It is always wise to have two people perform rehab exercises. One individual performs the exercise while the other gently holds the pet and distracts them with treats, praise, hugs etc. Many pets learn to enjoy their exercises if they are performed in a gentle positive manner.