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Money and Medicine

Money and Medicine

Our Priorities at Upper Canada Animal Hospital

Our goal of putting this website together was to provide pet owners with accurate and up to date information on topics and issues that are important to the well being of your pet and to introduce us to prospective clients to see if we are a good match. Finding the right veterinarian for your pet is just the start of a long, happy, healthy friendship.

Our hospital is comprised of a group of individuals whose drive is to treat every pet as though they were one of their own and provide an exceptional level of care for pets and their owners. We are not a “cheap” hospital. Price cutting is not able to exist while focusing on quality of care and service. To ensure we can provide optimal care, a tremendous amount of money is continually invested back into our hospital.

  • We acquire and retain an excellent, well-trained team; provide them with ongoing opportunities for continuing education and professional development.
  • We have the latest state of the art equipment.
  • We allocate time for lengthy appointments to ensure we are providing excellent care that focuses on preventive medicine and early disease detection and treatment,
  • We maintain a facility that is extremely clean, welcoming and designed to minimize both a pets and clients anxiety.

While we are not a cheap hospital, we certainly are conscious of the cost of veterinary care and place a very strong emphasis on providing excellent value to our clients. Our primary focus is to provide the best care possible for your pet, not to cut corners and “save” owners a little money. We believe the majority of owners want exceptional care for their pets, not to save a little money and receive mediocre care that may result in a poor outcome for their pets.

To those individuals that desire exceptional care, we say welcome. If you think we would be a good match in your search for a veterinarian we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you. Feel free to call us to book a tour or drop in and say hello. We are here for you and your pet.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Dr. Jim Turpel