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Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment

Top Notch Medical Care for Pets in Niagara

Upper Canada Animal Hospital is well-equipped with the latest technology, facilities and an in-house laboratory. We have a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and caring staff. Before opening his hospital in 1996, Dr. Turpel worked as an emergency clinic veterinarian, providing locum relief to approximately 15 clinics and practicing alongside a veterinary ophthalmologist. If there’s anyone you can trust with your pet, it’s Dr. Turpel and his team.

The veterinarians at Upper Canada Animal Hospital are patient, committed and extremely fond of cats and dogs. Our medical practice is run with a deep passion and love for animals, large and small. Some of the medical services we offer include:

Medical Treatment

Dentistry: As a pet owner, you would not typically look into your pet’s mouth to check if everything was okay unless you saw any signs of dental problems. A regular dental check-up for your pet allows us to recognize problems early so we are able to prevent dental disease such as gingivitis, abscesses, tooth loss and decay, bone infections, tooth/bone fractures.

Flea control: Preventing and treating a flea infestation has never been simpler or safer. There are many treatment programs available. Unfortunately, there are many over the counter products that are neither safe nor effective. Please contact our hospital for recommendations.

Medical assessments: Just like we need an annual medical check-up, your pet needs an annual exam as well. Just as we age, our pets are also more prone to developing health issues. We recommend more frequent examinations in our senior pets so we can focus on early prevention and detection. This can be the key to minimizing health problems and keeping your pet happy and healthy well into their golden years.

Cancer treatment and chemotherapy: According to the Morris Animal Foundation, one in four dogs die of cancer. There’s plenty we can do to manage the illness. If your pet is not ‘himself /herself’, at any given point, check in with your veterinarian.

Skin conditions: If your pet is scratching himself/ herself more often than usual, it could be the result of a skin condition. Whether it is parasites or allergies, our team at Upper Canada Animal Hospital will help you take care of it at the earliest.

Endocrine Disorders: Endocrine disorders are quite common in our patients. Thankfully, with early detection and appropriate treatment, the vast majority of these conditions can be managed successfully.

With a wide array of medical treatments available, you are sure to find the answer to your pet’s problem. Contact us today to get quality health care for your pet.

Emergency Treatment

Emergency Medical Treatment for Cats and Dogs
If you are ever in need of emergency care for your pet, Upper Canada Animal Hospital is the place to go. Our pet health care team’s extensive experience in the area of medical emergencies is assurance that your pet will receive first class treatment.

Upper Canada Animal Hospital has been a member of the Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic since they first opened. The NVEC provides far superior care for emergency situations that occur after hours as they are fully staffed and prepared, 24 hours a day. They are also available to care for our patient’s when they require round the clock care. Our association with the emergency clinic allows us to continue to offer the best care possible.

If your pet needs after hours emergency care please contact the Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic immediately.

We Treat Your Animals like Our Own

A combination of compassion, commitment and skill, the veterinarians at Upper Canada Animal Hospital administer excellent medical care to your pets.

  • Comfort: We make sure that your pet is comfortable before administering a medical treatment.
  • Informative: We walk pet owners through any medical procedure, so they are not left in the dark, worried and concerned.
  • Focus: At any given point, we focus completely on the patient in front of us.

If your cat or dog needs medical attention, no matter how urgent, don’t hesitate; come to us right away. Contact us for animal health care.