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Fracture Repair

Fracture Repair

Fracture Repair

The orthopedics department at Upper Canada Animal Hospital is staffed by individuals determined to help animals get back on their feet. One of the more common traumatic injuries faced by cats and dogs is a fracture. With plenty of experience in this area, our team of veterinarians is extremely adept at repairing broken or cracked bones in dogs and cats.

The Upper Canada Animal Hospital Surgical Referral Service allows Dr. Turpel to treat pets from throughout the Niagara Region and upstate New York – those referred by other vets. His invaluable experience and knowledge when it comes to animal healthcare is astounding and has changed the lives of many a pet.

Fractures are quite common in pets.  While most fractures are due to severe trauma, they can also occur due to slipping, falling or rough housing.  You need to keep a close eye on your cat or dog for:

  • Sudden onset of lameness
  • Swelling or pain
  • Bone sticking out through the skin

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a trained vet immediately. The longer you delay this, the more painful it is for your pet.

Fracture Repairs in Pets: Splinting, Casting and More

Some techniques used to fix bones in animals include:

Plating: Using screws on either side of the fracture, a flat stainless steel ‘plate’ is attached to the bone – this is a surgical technique.

Pinning: A long rod goes across the fractured area and is surgically inserted into the middle of the bone.

Splinting and Casting: Aims to immobilize the joint above and below the fracture.

External fixation: This is important in stabilizing fractures. A series of pins on the outside of the leg passes through the skin and into the bone.

Studies show that trauma is the most common reason for fractures. As a result young, male non-neutered dogs may be at a higher risk as they are more prone to wander and get into trouble.

For a detailed outlook on Dr. Turpel’s surgical background please see his biography.

If your cat or dog has a fracture that needs attention, please call Upper Canada Animal Hospital right away.