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Adult Pet Wellness

Adult Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness Clinic in Niagara

Your adult pet has probably passed the more vulnerable stages of life and is more mature in terms of strength and behaviour. Although he/she no longer requires a Puppy or Kitty Wellness Program, ongoing medical care is essential. Upper Canada Animal Hospital has developed the Adult Pet Wellness Program specifically for full grown cats and dogs.

  • Vaccinations: We will tailor a vaccine protocol that takes into account your pet’s age and lifestyle.
  • Full physical examination: We conduct a thorough physical examination looking at areas like the mouth, skin, abdomen to assess for lumps, fluid or abnormal structures.
  • Fecal / Parasite examination: prevention and treatment, ranging from intestinal and skin parasites to heartworm.
  • Heartworm Disease: testing and prevention of heartworm disease

Bring your pet in for an annual diagnostic and checkup at our pet wellness appointment. Call Upper Canada Animal Hospital to book an appointment.

A Pet Wellness Clinic Enables Early Diagnosis and Timely Treatment

Early diagnosis can result in your pet living a longer, healthier life. What does the Upper Canada Animal Hospital Adult Pet Wellness Program have to offer?

  • Commitment: Under the guidance of Dr. Jim Turpel, our entire team is very professional in their care towards cats and dogs.
  • Quality: We believe in getting a job well done. We offer first-rate medical services to your adult pets.
  • Respect: We take into consideration your time, concern and devotion to your pet.
  • Concern: Pet owners have so many questions—from simple ones like dog vaccination costs to more complex ones such as results of laser therapy – we are happy to answer all your questions so you feel assured your pet is in safe hands at our pet hospital. We think an educated client is a great client and believe the only bad question is the one that is unasked.

Give your pets the treatment they deserve. Contact us to discuss our adult pet wellness program in more detail.

Upper Canada Animal Hospital is strongly affiliated with the Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic. The emergency clinic is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and is fully staffed for your emergency needs. We are in constant communication with the Clinic when a patient of ours has been admitted after hours. They forward records and information over to us right away so we know the status of our patients and can follow up with our clients.

Should you find yourself in need of after hours emergency care, it is always best to phone them first so they can prepare for your arrival. They will also be able to suggest immediate first aid and give specific directions.

The Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic is located at:

3300 Merritville Highway, Unit #1A, Thorold, Ontario, L2V 4Y6. They can be reached at 905-641-3185.