Education: McMaster University, Ontario Veterinary College

I first knew I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was five years old. The many animals I owned during childhood, including pocket pets, multiple dogs and a horse, were regularly subjected to “physical exams”, much to their chagrin! After graduation from high school, I went to McMaster University where I completed an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and then detoured into several years as a genetic technician.

This detour was fortunately temporary, as I was admitted into the Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Guelph in 2000. During my time there, I was employed in the Small Animal Intensive Care Unit and was involved in very advanced care, learning from some of the best veterinary specialists in the country. I credit this experience with my special interests in critical care, medicine and medical oncology (chemotherapy).

I currently share my home with Baen, a bullmastiff and Isla, his daughter. Baen’s favourite pastimes include head rubs, attacking and defluffing squeeky toys and guarding the house against intruders and squirrels. Isla enjoys eating wild mushrooms, toxic plants and the coffee table, but is otherwise the sweetest girl ever. My other interests include everything artsy, especially reading and film and cooking and baking. I enjoy the family-like atmosphere at Upper Canada and cannot imagine working anywhere else!

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